I could see it coming, says 50 Cent about Kanye’s breakdown


50 Cent says he’s not surprised that his fellow rap superstar Kanye West has suffered some sort of mental breakdown. Questioned during a television interview, 50 Cent said: “That was interesting, ’cause I kind of felt like you could see that coming.”

He said that while his outbursts seemed like small “pieces” when put together it was possible to see what was coming. 50 Cent added that he believed the armed robbery of Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian in Paris may have pushed the rapper over the edge.

There has been increasing speculation that Kanye’s hospitalisation was simply a ruse so he did not have to play any more tour dates. Suggestions have been made that he pretended to have a breakdown in order to secure insurance money. However, 50 Cent said he would not have done that.


His comments come after Kanye has been released from the hospital where he was being treated for his breakdown. He spent more than a week at the UCLA Medical Center and remains under the care of medical professionals as an out patient.

According to a source, Kanye chose to come home because he could not bear to be away from his children Saint and North any longer. The source said Kanye was feeling much better and was continuing to get the help and support of specialist doctors.

Meanwhile, shocking audio has emerged from the 911 call made by Kanye’s worried doctor, in which the medic was told to keep the rapper well away from any weapons.

The operator reassures the doctor that paramedics are on their way and tells him to keep an eye on Kanye until they reach him.

Kanye is believed to have suffered a breakdown following troubles within his marriage. He and reality star Kim are understood to have been arguing a lot in the run up to his hospitalisation.







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