Infant Dies After Being Dropped


A family based in New Jersey has just announced their saddening decision of having to unfortunately discontinue their 3 month old baby from the life support.

Reece Modzelewski, had received a critical head trauma as the babysitter for the family had unintentionally dropped the baby to the floor.

When the authorities discovered the lifeless baby at the family’s home situated in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, the babysitter had reported to them that the baby had slipped from her grasp, plummeting to the floor.

The authorities are currently conducting an investigation into the baby’s death, so as to confirm the actual causes.

An Unfortunate Accident

Robert Kugler, the Police chief for the Saddle Brook Township stated that it is highly probable that the baby had died as an accidental drop from the baby sitter as it slipped out of her grasp, adding that this is their current calculation of the event.

A Heartbreaking Decision

The father Mark Modzelewski, 32, and mother Nicole Nicastro, 34, within just a day after the incident decided to go along with their choice in ending the suffering of their child, and removed Reece from the life support system.

Nicole stated that she is unable to do anything to help little Reece at this point, and is not sure if he can even taste or smell anymore due to the severe trauma.

Nicole went on to say that Reece had a joyous and ‘goofy’ smile and was a very jubilant baby.

A family friend to the couple, Benjamin DiFranco reacted to the choice of removing Reece from life support, saying that the medical assistance can no longer ease the suffering of Reece, and even if he were to survive, the quality of life for him will be dreadful, as he may very well lose the ability of talking, walking, and would need a 24 hour supervision, adding that such a choice serves as probably one of the toughest decisions a parent can make.



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