Investigation Continued for Mystery of Dead Baby Found in Handbag


The authorities have issued another appeal regarding any information for the mystery of a dead baby that was found inside a handbag and left around a park one year ago.

The investigators have requested to talk to the mother of the dead baby, but have yet to identify who she is at the moment.

On January 29th 2016, the young newborn boy had been first sighted around Imperial Park situated in Newport, southern Whales.

The young boy had been located encompassed within a white towel and was place inside a leather handbag that was black.

Vague Details

The handbag had ‘St Anne’s’ written on it and a spokeswoman on this matter has stated that they are aware that the white towel that wrapped the baby had come directly from the Hospice of St Anne’s situated in Newport.

At the moment authorities have requested for anyone with any information regardless how little or large to come forth regarding the identity of the baby’s mother.

The request for information also includes perhaps anyone who knows someone who had shown rather odd or unordinary behavior at this time last year as well as at the moment.

Anniversary of the Tragedy

Judith Roberts, a detective on this matter has stated that since this day serves as the year anniversary of the incident, surely the mother of the baby will be going through a rough patch as of now.

“The anniversary may bring back painful memories and we want ensure that she is offered the right support,” Detective Roberts said.

The detective went on to say whoever has any information at all may come forth anonymously or speak to them on terms of confidentiality if they wish and it can be set up.

Those who possess any knowledge on the matter have been asked to send the authorities a message on Facebook or contact the Gwent Police by dialing 101.


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