iPhone & iPhone 7 Plus Users Having Watercolor Issue While Taking Pictures from Their Devices


Criticizing picture quality of Alphabet Inc’s Pixel and Pixel XL is not just the case, even iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is facing the same issues these days to. It seems like iPhone 7 series is at a target now, fans are criticizing Apple Inc for introducing such poor picture quality product.

While few of the iPhone owners are busy taking capturing memories with their iPhone7 and 7 Plus there are few users who are complaining “watercolor” issue while taking pictures. Recently, the issue which has been highlighted on social media and groups by iPhone users is the general lack of sharpness and details, along with this they have highlighted the issue of blurry photos, with muted water color effect leading the shots taken. People has shared their reviews on multiple platforms regarding to picture quality issue they are having with iPhone 7 Series as compared to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S picture thingy.

Once this issue was highlighted, a user on the forum suggest the solution by disabling the Optimized Storage option on their iPhone’s but this solution is not applicable and helpful for all the users. There are numerous forums where users have reportedly highlighted the problem users facing while using both raw images and photo-hosted images.

It seems like Apple Inc will be the next after Samsung to answer questions related to their smartphones, but the fact is this that Apple Inc’s team has no answer for this failure and the root cause of this issue is missing. Users are assuming things on their own, that the reason behind this could be a mechanical failure, while the others think that the reason behind this cause is excessive application of sharpening filters.

In a recent report by Apple Insider suggests, Users who are facing such poor picture quality issues should contact the AppleCare person, or approaching genius bar via making appointment could be helpful for resolving such issues.

Apple has a big name in today’s tech industry, but such drawbacks could make iPhone users disappointed in no time. Apple Inc needs to take these issues seriously, as settlement is the only way to keep users attracted towards their products.


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