Israel Strikes Back Against U.N


Israel has responded to the U.N’s recent resolution passed that has outlawed Israeli settlements from being constructed in Palestinian 1967 borders, by approving even more construction of settlements.

The planning committee based in Jerusalem has given the green light for hundreds of more illegal settlements to be constructed, even though the U.N. considers this as a breaching for international law.

The planning and construction of Israeli settlements in the eastern part of Jerusalem has skyrocketed by at least twice the amount over the past two years.

About 5,600 homes are said to have been planned for construction in the areas that pass the 1967 Palestinian borders, according to the planning committee.

Indifference Towards the U.N.

Meir Turgeman, the deputy Jerusalem mayor made a statement after the passing of the U.N. resolution in which he stated that they are indifferent towards whatever draft or votes are passed within the U.N. and that no one has the power or authority to control their actions in Jerusalem.

Mr. Turgeman added in his statement that he hopes Donald Trump’s presidency and the Israeli government support their cause furthermore due to their construction of settlements decreasing under President Barack Obama’s rule of the United States.

Revengeful Strategies

Israel considered the U.S.’s abstention from the U.N. vote as a disgraceful and betrayal act, and have stated that they will retaliate in whatever manner they find suitable and righteous.

Israel immediately recalled back their ambassadors from the nations that had participated in the U.N. vote, including most importantly the U.S., which have always been a close ally to Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the state of Israel is preparing for a tactful plan to retaliate against the U.N., and did not further explain the details into this intimidating statement. “We will do all it takes so Israel emerges unscathed from this shameful decision,” Netanyahu said.


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