Italy hit by another devastating earthquake


Italy has been struck by yet another earthquake, which hit the country’s centre, injuring residents and collapsing buildings.
This latest earthquake comes just two months after a huge tremor killed nearly 300 people and flattened communities across Italy’s central region.
It also follows two smaller quakes in the last few weeks which, thankfully, have not caused any deaths, but which have destroyed historic buildings, including churches.
This latest tremor was measured at a magnitude of 6.6, which is bigger than the quake which hit in the summer, and the recent aftershocks.
Locals were already on high alert as a result of recent quakes and were quickly evacuated from their homes. A number of people are believed to have been injured but, thankfully, no deaths have been reported so far. However, rescue workers have still to reach many communities on the ground.
What is believed to be Italy’s most violent quake in recent decades caused tremors to be felt as far away as Venice in the north of the country, as well as in its capital of Rome where residents reported that doors and windows had rattled with its force.
According to the US Geological Survey, the epicentre of the latest tremor, which was very close to the surface at only 1.5km, was close to the little town of Norcia.
The quake has destroyed historically significant buildings. Devastated monks at the San Benedetto have released an image via social media of the Basilica of St Benedict, which has been destroyed in the tremor.
They have reported that people have been trapped in a square nearby, fearful of moving in case nearby buildings collapse.
They said that all the monks at the basilica were safe, but added that their hearts and prayers went out to those affected. They also said that the priests from the monastery would be searching for anyone who might need the Last Rites as a result of the quake.
Terrified families rushed onto the streets and into squares in Italy as the tremor struck. Their quick reactions, on the back of loss of life in earlier quakes, could have saved them as most are believed to have escaped before any buildings collapsed.
Teams instructed by Italy’s civil protection department are now conducting checks in all towns affected by the earthquake in a bid to make sure there are no casualties and to check on the situation on the ground.


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