John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Evacuated Owing to TB Scare



In an emergency situation in the John Hopkins health care facility situate in Baltimore, fire service men had to be called after there were reports of danger of exposure to tuberculosis to the general public. It was reported that phials inside the hospital were damaged and which put the public at risk of TB. Some areas of the streets outside and around the health and research unit were also closed down in the afternoon on Thursday and the local channels featured it as a dangerous situation. A large number of public have already been shifted out of the hospital and TV channels are repeatedly showing screen images of a large group who were being taken out of the place. It is feared that the bacteria may have already made its escape. The hospital explained in an official statement that the fire services of Baltimore is investigating the outcome of the possible loss of a small portion of bacteria while it was under transit on an internal overpass which connects two research buildings for cancer.

There were several workers who are suspected to have been in contact with the bacteria as they were present nearby at the time of the incident. These employees are kept under vigilance and they will be escorted out by the fire service department. In a precautionary measure, both the buildings which are connected by the bridge on which the incident happened have been already emptied out. The health care facility has already cleared the scope for exposure to anyone else.

Mayo Clinic describes Tuberculosis as a very serious illness which is infectious too and primarily affects the lungs. The bacteria of TB can transmit from one individual to another. This transit happens mainly through small droplets which may come out in the air at the time of coughing or sneezing.

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