John McCain Warns That Travel Bans Would Benefit ISIS


U.S. President Donald Trump has firmly defended the executive order he signed which bans immigrants and refugees from seven specific nations, despite widespread outrage.

Reince Priebus, the Chief of Staff for Trump’s administration, has acknowledged however that the travel ban would not affect those who hold green cards, as was the case the past few days.

Last Sunday, as several had been stranded at U.S. airports, President Trump tweeted and emphasized that the United States can only be protected through extreme measures.

“Look what is happening all over Europe and, indeed, the world, a horrible mess!” President Trump tweeted, adding that the U.S. requires a strong and firm border and that an extreme vetting must take place immediately.

More Maybe Necessary

As Priebus stated that green card holders would no longer be affected by this travel ban, he went on to say that other nations may very well have to be added to the travel ban if necessary.

In New York a judge had temporarily halted a partial grant to those who were being deported from the United States.

Priebus states that perhaps several people should be detained at the airports, even after they had already undergone an extreme and thorough screening procedure.

Good for ISIS

Meanwhile Senator John McCain had his own views on this matter, stating last Sunday that this travel ban would serve to benefit the terrorist group ISIS in producing more propaganda.

President Trump’s enforced ban has been questioned however about whether or not it is actually legal, since Muslims have been specifically targeted, which serves as nothing less than discrimination due to a particular faith.

Mitch McConnell states that this ban should be carefully revised as the United States at the moment has several key allies with a Muslim majority across the Middle East.

Mr. McConnell has made it clear that he will not back the order that was set forth by the White House.


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