Kanye West and Trump Meet at Trump Tower


On Tuesday morning, Kanye West, after extreme fatigue and hospitalization, walked into Trump Tower. Journalists were around the scene, who witnessed Kanye West entering, along with his tightly gripped security, and without speculation, tweeted the scene.

Kanye West entered the tower prior Texas Governor Rick Perry as well visited, who as of now has been announced by Donald Trump to be head of the Energy Department, which happens to be the very same department he announced back in 2012 that he wished to eradicate.

These visits increased the spotlight even more on Donald Trump, which come at a time between the Republicans and Congress regarding the matter of Russia’s alleged intervening over the US elections. Mr. West as of now has not stated the reasons behind his visit to the tower.

Mr. Trump said that he and Kanye have been friends for “a long time,” and their conversations included a discussion strictly just about life.

Trump Spotlight

Throughout all of last week, the news regarding Mr. Trump involved the impending conflicts that may arise from his picking of several billionaires and multimillionaires to be serving in the cabinet, along with his most recent picking for secretary of defense, the chief executive of Exxon Mobil, Rex W. Tillerson.

Mr. Tillerson’s close friendship with the Russians and Vladimir Putin has resulted in several comments on the matter. Mr. West was asked about whether or not he’d be performing for Mr. Trump when he swears in as president in January, to which he evaded, stating his only interest now is to take a picture at the moment.

Spokeswoman for Mr. Trump, Hope Hicks, announced that it was Kanye West who had asked for a meeting with Donald Trump, adding that the conversations they indulged in remained a positive atmosphere throughout his visit.

Mr. West tweeted earlier saying the topics of interest he wanted to share with Mr. Trump included matters regarding bullying, violence in Chicago, and the reformation of programs.


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