Kanye West Displayed Signs of Breaking Down


Kanye West’s mental breakdown was stunning to fans, particularly those at the Sacramento show where the artist performed two tunes before propelling into an extensive tirade where he kept on arguing for his Trump non-vote and rage about previous companions Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

50 Cent as of late guaranteed that Kanye’s breakdown wasn’t a stunner by any stretch of the imagination. While showing up as a visitor on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, 50 told host Andy Cohen what he thought about Kanye’s hospitalization.

50 cent went on to share, “That was interesting because I kind of felt like you could see that coming. It was like little outbursts.”

With a touch of provoking from Andy, 50 Cent went ahead to state that he felt like the Kim Kardashian Paris burglary played into Kanye’s emergency. 50 additionally made it clear that he doesn’t think Kanye West was faking anything and his present medicinal circumstance is totally true blue.

50 Cent, alongside Andy Cohen and his other visitor, Leah Remini, kept on talking about Kanye West’s hospitalization and what hinted at it. The odd gathering went ahead to discuss the greater part of the hypotheses and gossipy tidbits coasting around about what may have made Kanye come unhinged the way that he did.

While 50 Cent might not have taken shots at Kanye West on Watch What Happens Live, the rapper has definitely taken what’s coming to him of shots, notwithstanding amid Kanye’s hospitalization. At the point when the underlying hospitalization reports turned out, Uproxx reports that 50 Cent rushed to impact the rapper via web-based networking media. He even attempted to point the finger at Kanye’s present state all alone brand, Effen vodka.

The official report is that Kanye West was experiencing lack of sleep and parchedness following quite a while of workaholic behavior himself. Wearing himself out combined with Kim Kardashian’s Paris burglary and the commemoration of the passing of his mom, Donda West, were said to have had an influence in his requirement for medicinal consideration.


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