Lets go deep into the chronicles of Navratri


Many festivals are being celebrated in India. It is quite natural as there are diverse people staying within the country that follow different religions. One among them is Navratri which is considered as a very important festival by the Hindus. In a country, where there are several male gods being worshipped this festival is devoted to the goddess Durga. Across the country, this festival is celebrated with lot of faith and reverence. This is a festival of nine days and there are many stories associated with it. Let’s go deep into the history of the Navratri.

The Belief in North India

In the northern part of India, people follow the belief that there was a demon known as Mahishasura who was a strong believer of Lord Shiva. As we all know, to gain something people in the ancient times would do Tapasya (penance). So did the demon and he was able to please Shiva and then he asked for the boon of eternity. After that, as predicated pride overwhelmed Mahishasura and he started to misuse his power. The Gods in the heaven started to live in fear and so they appealed Lord Shiva to find a solution. Then the Trinity (Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva) by using their powers created the female warrior Durga. Mahishasura was so fascinated with the beauty of Durga that he proposed her to marry him. Goddess Durga agreed on the proposal but on a condition that he should defeat her in the war. The demon was full of pride and so agreed on the condition with no much ado. The battle started and it lasted for nine nights. At the end of the ninth night, Durga beheaded Mahishasura. These nine nights came to be known as Navratri and the tenth Vijayadashmi as the good overpowered the evil.

The Belief in East India

The legend that is prevailing in the East India is the king Daksha had a daughter named Uma. She was both beautiful and full of moral values. Her desire was to marry Shiva so she worshipped Lord Shiva and was able to please him and convinced him to marry her. On the day of the marriage, the king was not so pleased with his son-in-law; so he broke off his relationships with his daughter and son-in-law. After certain period Daksha organized a huge yagna wherein which he did not invite his son-in-law. This displeased Uma so she decided to end her life in the yagna agnikund. However, she was united with the eternity and she took rebirth and again won Shiva as her husband. Since then, it is believed that Uma comes every year with her best friends and children to visit her maternal home for nine days which is known as Navratri.

Let there be any stories but the fundamental concept is people enjoy this festival a lot and celebrate it with full spirituality.


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