‘Mad Max’ bikers bring cities to a Halloween standstill


In scenes which have been likened to those in the Mad Max movies, hundreds of motorcyclists brought three major British cities to a standstill.
The Halloween ride out was criticised by police officers who said the behaviour was “loutish and criminal”.
Gatherings were organised through social media and saw hundreds of bikers get together to carry out dangerous stunts and acts in London, Leeds and Birmingham.
Bikers sped along pavements, putting pedestrians at risk, threw fireworks at motorists and vandalised cars.
So far, only a small number of arrests have been made, but police say they are continuing to hunt for those who took part to bring them to justice.
A large set of motorbike and quad bike riders swarmed through London from Blackheath in the south east through to the busy shopping hub of Oxford Street.
Terrified pedestrians said they had been forced to jump out of the way as motorcyclists drove onto pavements and threw fireworks at windows and at police called to deal with the disorder.
Officers from the Met Police flung stingers across road, bringing 17 motorcycles and three quad bikes to a standstill. Police arrested a total of seven men and two boys for a number of offences including dangerous driving, failing to stop and theft.
Similar incidents took place in Birmingham and Solihull as 200 bikers, many of whom were wearing masks, took over the streets.
Motorcylists stormed through streets carrying out wheelies, cutting through red lights and weaving dangerously around the road.
A police van on the outskirts of Birmingham was vandalised by bikers, with around 100 surrounding the van and kicking wing mirror while attempting to break the van’s windows. They fled as back-up police officers arrived.
One motorcyclist, who was reportedly riding without any lights on or registration pates, was injured in the chaos and is in hospital with life-threatening chest injuries after being involved in an accident with a car.
Police officers in the West Midlands emulated their London counterparts by using stingers to bring bikers to a halt. Ten bikes were seized and seven people arrested in connection with charges of dangerous driving and causing a public nuisance, along with a number of motoring offences.
On the same night, 50 off-road bikers took part in another ride out, this time in Leeds. Footage was posted on social media, which showed riders performing stunts and pedestrians fleeing as bikers sped down pedestrianized parts of the city. Police closed off a major route through Leeds as they brought the situation under control.


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