Man Arrested After 90 Minute Police Chase


The Los Angeles Police Department have just ended in their 90 minute engagement during a car chase with Marcos Tulio Flores, 32, a suspected gang member and suspected shooter of his sister-in-law and the man was taken into custody.

The entire pursuit began last Monday around late evening just before 11 pm and took place at the Reseda area in Los Angeles.

The car chase however spread to a pursuit of the suspect on the 405 Freeway situated at the Sepulveda Pass.

The LAPD have confirmed that throughout the entire 90 minute chase gunfire had been exchanged between Marcos and them, and the driver had performed rather abnormal actions with the car, as he would slow down and then speed up quite often, and sometimes even came to complete stops with the vehicle.

Erratic Driving

Josh Rubenstein, the spokesman for the LAPD said that around the Getty Center Drive a police officer had opened fire at Marcos, but he had avoided being hit.

Due to the ongoing chase the authorities were forced to temporarily shut down the 405 Freeway from both sides of it in order to arrest the suspect.

Eventually the chase came to an end as SWAT officers rushed in to the aid of the LAPD, and a K-9 police dog proved to perform its task quite profoundly as it was one of the greatest assets for the authorities and helped in taking down Marcos.

Why All This?

Marcos was hospitalized but suffered no fatal injuries, but was simply being treated as a standardized procedure.

The authorities state that throughout this chase no deaths of injuries from any civilians along with members from their department had occurred.

Marcos is suspected of shooting his 36 year old sister-in-law and has apparently left her in a critical condition as he shot her in her upper body. The shooting took place within the early morning of last Sunday at Gilmore Street.


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