McDonald’s is Becoming Elegant


The fast food giant is adjusting to the future. A lot of their locations are getting a makeover, with touch-screen kiosks that have options to customize your order. And a big shocker, they have table service. Eventually, every McDonald’s in the US will have the same layout and features.

A report from Crain’s says, “McDonald’s is taking a page from the fast casual model in terms of service, but can its food quality keep up.” They will “expand table service and self-serve ordering kiosks across all of its 14,200 U.S. restaurants, hoping the new format will help boost sales the way it did in overseas markets”, says Crain’s. In recent years, McDonald’s has struggled as their traffic and revenue have dropped. This led to hundreds of stores being closed. A great move for the chain was the ‘all-day breakfast’. This helped a lot with increasing sales and traffic, but critics don’t believe that the success will last for long.

Because of the unknown, McDonald’s is focusing on other avenues. Along with making changes to some of their signature burgers, the company is also bringing in a more ‘restaurant style’ of serving as well as new technology. They are currently experimenting with a “McDonald’s of the Future” concept, which is be tested at 500 locations in the US. This locations will utilize the ‘new-age’ kiosks ordering and will also focus on their staff delivering food directly to your table. The only difference is that you can’t take a seat with a menu. You actually have to go to the counter and order, first.

Some question is the restaurant is attempting to become more ‘fast-casual’ and no longer fast food? From the outside, looking in, it would seem that way. It is important to remember that the fast food chain hasn’t really change. You just currently have concept restaurants in select areas.


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