Millionaire who killed his escort girlfriend blames midlife crisis


While some men going through a midlife crisis choose to buy a sports car or a motorbike, millionaire property tycoon Peter Morgan, 54, ended up turning to three escorts for sex.

He is now on trial for murdering the escort he said he loved in the grounds of his castle, and has blamed a midlife crisis for what he did.

Morgan is said to have paid 25-year-old Georgina Symonds for twice weekly before agreeing to give her £10,000 every month so that she wouldn’t sleep with anyone else.

On trial for murder, he said that he first started seeing prostitutes when he turned 50. The multi-millionaire said he had started seeing three escorts as a result of a mid-life crisis. Police investigating the death of Ms Symonds found video footage and photographs of her and another escort having sex on a tractor, along with other shots next to a fire engine and a tank owned by Morgan.


When Morgan’s wife Helen, 50, found out he was seeing escorts, he promised her to give up on seeing anyone else but said he could not stop seeing Ms Symonds. Newport Crown Court heard that he had left his wife because he had fallen in love with Ms Symonds.

He is denying murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility but the court heard that he had killed the escort in a bungalow, where she lived in the grounds of his castle.

Mr Morgan is accused of strangling Ms Symonds with twine after finding out that she was planning to leave him. He then wrapped her body in plastic and secured it with duct tape, placing her in farm buildings. However, when she was reported missing, he confessed to police that he had killed her. However he denies murder, saying that he was suffering from diminished responsibility and had Asperger’s syndrome.






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