More Details Revealed About Nightclub Attack in Istanbul


According to latest reports regarding the Reina nightclub terror attack in Istanbul, Turkish Prime Minister Yildrim announced on Twitter that the gunman had left his automatic rifle at the scene and was not wearing a Santa Claus outfit at the time of the attack.

ISIS have claimed responsibility of the attack that left at least 39 dead, along with well over 69 others injured on New Year’s Eve. The club had consisted of about 700 people during the scene of the attack.

The Turkish authorities have stated that 8 suspects have been arrested, but have yet to find the attacker of the nightclub, in which currently a wide spread man hunt has been underway.

IS Declares Gunman as Hero

In a recent statement released by IS-affiliated news agency Aamaq, they have declared the gunman as a hero for the Islamic caliphate, adding that he had successfully attacked Christians going on about their so called pagan feast.

The statement also mentioned that the gunman had fired his rifle and exploded grenades into the crowded nightclub as “revenge for God’s religion and in response to the orders” being that of self-proclaimed caliph leader for ISIS, Abu Bark al-Baghdadi.

More Hate to Come

IS has vowed to continue in more violent attacks against Turkey as a retaliatory response to their offensives conducted by their military against them in Syria and Iraq.

They have exclaimed that the Muslims that have been killed by the Turkish airstrikes and artillery will result in a backlash against their own country.

According to recent reports by Turkish media, it stated that the unknown shooter is likely from Uzbek descent or from Kyrgyzstan.

Turkish authorities have reason to be believe that the same ISIS-affiliated cell for terror gun attack in Istanbul’s Ataturk airport last summer could also be responsible for the Reina nightclub attack.


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