Mother who drank two bottles of cider and left her toddler to drown jailed


A mother who drank two pints of cider before leaving her 14-month-old daughter to drown in the bath has been jailed for just three years.
The 24-year-old was handed the jail term after a jury at Oxford Crown Court returned a unanimous verdict that she was guilty of manslaughter.
Jasmine Gregory could, however, serve just 18 months of that jail term.
Gregory put her daughter Robyn Andrews-English into an adult-sized bath and then forgot all about her.
The little girl drowned in the afternoon of August 7 2014 after being left alone in the bath at her home in Oxfordshire.
When Gregory finally realised what had happened, Robyn was rushed into a nearby doctors’ surgery and the toddler was blue-lighted to hospital where she was later pronounced dead.
The mother had already been reported to social services for leaving another child unattended before Robyn tragically lost her life.
The jury heard that she had left another child alone in a bath and close to an oven on a number of occasions.
Before realising what she had done, Gregory was seen rushing out of her house in a panic and asking passers-by if they had seen her daughter. She was then found holding Robyn’s lifeless body in her house.
The prosecutor in the case said: “If this was genuine behaviour on Jasmine Gregory’s part then not only had she left Robyn in the bath unattended, she had also forgotten she had done this when she couldn’t find her – hence rushing and asking random members of the public if she had seen a baby walking out.”
The jury was told that Gregory drank two pints of cider on the day Robyn died.
Robyn’s grandmother Theresa Andrews had written a statement which was read out in court. She said: “She was the brightest button you could ever imagine. We feel no pain, just numbness which will ever go away. There are no words to describe how we feel. She was let down in the worst possible way by the person she should be able to rely on.”
Mrs Andrews said she was putting her trust in the law to give her “angel the rest she deserves”.
Sentencing Gregory to three years, Judge Pringle said: “What you did on August 7, 2014, was so wholly wrong and atrocious that I would be failing in my duty if I did not pass a custodial sentence.No sentence I pass will compensate for the loss of that little girl.”


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