MPs to Parachute in Dozens of Temporary Peers to Force Hard Brexit


Pro hard Brexit MPs are planning to create ‘temporary’ peers to force Brexit through parliament in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling and Labour and other parties wanting a white paper and or referendum on Brexit.

MP’s fear the House of Lords will stand in the way of triggering Article 50, and the related plans to leave the EU single market.  By parachuting in the temporary peers resistance from the House of Lords will be nullified.

Supreme Court Ruling

The ruling from the Supreme Court prevents the government from triggering Article 50 without a vote in parliament.  The decision was upheld on Tuesday 8 votes to 3.

Ministers are expected to rush through legislation tomorrow to enable them to stay on track with the plan to trigger Article 50 by the end of March.  Their fear is that pro-EU MPs will look to disrupt the process until a more favourable deal in their view can be reached.

The bill will be voted on next week with Labour, the Scottish National Party, and the Liberal Democrats tabling a slew of amendments to the bill.

The fear is that the decision to leave the single market will have severe consequences for Britain later on.

Conservative MPs

It is not just opposition parties, however, that want some form of involvement in Brexit.  Up to twenty Conservative MPs want to see a white paper published providing more details of the plan.  This will enable all of the opposition to scrutinise the bill.

Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry said, “She can’t say that she acts on behalf of the whole country without actually negotiating with Parliament, without listening to Parliament.

“The plan, it may be a piece of paper with ‘plan’ written on the top, but it is a speech which she didn’t make in Parliament and she wasn’t answerable to questions, and so we want to have a white paper.”

The government has said that there will be no white paper and the plan was outlined in Theresa May’s speech.  This has not been accepted by all opposition parties.


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