Mr, Mrs, Ms or Mx? Which one do you identify with?


Tick boxes on forms which demand that you choose a gender have long been criticised by gender campaigners.
Now, Metro Bank is believed to be the one of the first firms to let its customers choose gender neutral.
The lender has added Mx to its forms for those who would prefer not to say.
The option is now available to people who are filling out forms to open bank accounts, for example.
The bank says it has quickly made the changes to existing forms after listening to what its customers and staff had to say and taking swift action.
Danny Hamer, the chief people officer at the organisation said it was vital its customers and workforce felt comfortable and accepted, no matter what gender they identified with.
The move was immediately welcomed by LGBT groups.
A spokesperson for the lobby organisation Stonewall described the new option as a change which gave “important and much-needed” recognition to people who did not identify as either male or female.
He added that it was fantastic to see firms taking such progressive and proactive steps to make sure that everyone was accepted and included.
It is now hoped that other firms will decide to add a gender neutral option to their own forms and paperwork.
Some other businesses have already decided to take the option of allowing consumers to tick “Mx” rather than having to say whether they are male or female.
The mx honorific has even been recognised by the Oxford England Dictionary, which says it is: “A title used before a person’s surname or full name by those who wish to avoid specifying their gender or by those who prefer not to identify themselves as male or female”.
The financial services industry isn’t the only one to have decided to ensure that its customers aren’t made to feel uncomfortable.
Huge music streaming service Spotify allows its customers to opt for “non-binary” instead of having to say male or female.
And, social media behemoth Facebook also recognises that not everyone feels able or willing to tick a gender box.
Facebook has got around the issue by enabling its users to pick a pronoun of he, she or they.
It is now thought that many other firms and organisations will see what competitors are doing and add an Mx to their own literature.


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