Murder Victim Tossed Out on M1 Motorway


Authorities have temporarily closed down a section of the M1 motorway due to a murder victim that had been tossed out on the motorway who was hit and run over by multiple oncoming vehicles.

The authorities have are underway on an investigation into the murder as his body was sighted early this morning.

The victim had been located in the area that sits between the intersection of 16 and 18 nearby Northampton.

The reports that have come out of the matter believe, although not in a final report, that the victim may have been murdered prior to being thrown out of a moving vehicle.

Double Hit

Tony Hopkins, a Sergeant from the Northampton Police reported on the matter by saying that they had been notified that a dead body lay on the road that heads northbound and that the drivers along the motorway had called the authorities to report the sighting.

Mr. Hopkins added that since the body had been run over by several vehicles on the road, the scene has resulted in a quite a mess for the time being.

“Has someone given a lift to someone they didn’t know?” Mr. Hopkins asked, adding that they need to locate the driver of the vehicle that had first hit the victim.

Can Be Anybody

The Sergeant states that they are currently examining the situation in order to find out just as how he had appeared on the M1 to begin with.

Twitter users had remarked on the matter with several claiming that the man had been tossed out a moving vehicle on the M1.

Motorists have been told to follow other routes for the time being as the northbound section of the M1 has been closed for the majority of the day.

ClarkeyDJ, a Twitter user tweeted that the police are currently investigating the discovery of a dead body on the M1 and that the body was murdered first then dumped out of a moving car.


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