Netanyahu Calls Trump “True Friend in the White house” after phone call


An Israel official has praised U.S President Trump following a phone call between President Trump and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Reports are surfacing that this could be a shift and improvement in relations between the two countries now that the Obama administration has been replaced.

Tzipi Hotovely, Israel’s deputy minister for foreign affairs has said that Israel is very happy with the new administration, after the phone call between the two leaders.  He said, “I think that all the declarations of the Trump administration were showing a deep friendship to Israel. They understand the complexity of the situation in the Middle East, in a world where everything is falling apart around us.

“When Israel continues being the only democratic regime in the region, they want to keep Israel in its best shape.”

According to reports a wide variety of topics were discussed.  Not surprisingly, military, security, and intelligence cooperation featured prominently, as did the “threat posed by Iran.”

Unpick Iran Deal

In Mr Trump’s election campaign he said he would unpick the U.S – Iran deal.  Currently, the U.S has lifted crippling sanctions against the country and in return Iran has curtailed its nuclear development programme.  Since his election, there has been no word whether the Trump administration will remove the deal and place sanctions back on Iran.

President Trump has also said that Israel and Palestine have to negotiate a peace deal themselves, and Palestine has to recognise the validity of the Jewish state to put a two state solution back on the negotiating table.

In a separate statement, the White House said it is in the early stages of moving the U.S embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.  This claim has not gone down well with Palestinians as they see Jerusalem as their capital city.

Under President Obama and despite the rhetoric Israel received the largest military aid package to date from the U.S.  Over $38 billion has been approved over the next ten years.

The Trump administration looks set to further relations between the U.S and Israel.


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