Nigeria Mistakenly Bombs Refugee Camp


Reports coming in have stated that the Nigerian air force has mistakenly conducted an air strike at a refugee camp based in the northeastern region next to Rann which has led to at least 100 deaths so far.

Scores of injuries were reported as well, including the deaths of aid workers and six members from the Red Cross.

According to the MSF, they have been treating up to 120 people that were wounded from the air strike, and requested for additional assistance for immediate medical evacuations.

The Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed enormous apprehension for the event and has been battling the terrorist militia group of Boko Haram that have terrorized the Nigerian citizens.

The Wrong Terrorists

The accidental bombing took place around the border between Nigeria and Cameroon, where the Nigerian army has been carrying out final offensives with Boko Haram.

Claims have stated that this serves as the first incident in which the Nigerian military has confessed to conducting such an erroneous attack.

MSF state they have not been able as of now to finalize the death count from the air strike, but have estimated that at least 95 were confirmed dead.

Fleeing from Violence to Violence

The MSF director of operations, Dr. Jean Clement Cabrol condemned the attack, saying such an event is absolutely unacceptable as it targeted defenseless refugees who had already been escaping other violent areas and threats and then ended up being based in just that again.

Dr. Cabrol has urgently requested for immediate medical evacuations to be carried out, via land or air for those who have survived the attack and require medical attention. “The safety of civilians must be respected,” Dr. Cabrol said.

According to the MSF, they have announced that they had other teams based in both Chad and Cameroon that have stated they are prepared for treating those who were injured.

Most if not all of those who died had fled from their homes due to the increased violence and threats that were imposed on by them by attacks conducted by Boko Haram from other regions.


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