No Show by Google at the Senate Hearings


The US senators have taken a dig at the technical giants at the Tech Tent held in Washington. Facebook and Twitter made it to the conference on Capitol Hill, while the reserved chair for Google remained empty. The experts are wondering whether or not Google committed a severe mistake by failing to attend the conference.

On behalf of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer, attended the meet while Jack Dorsey, the Chief Executive of Twitter joined her. On the other hand, Google sent the top lawyer. The occupant didn’t suffice the expectation of the senators as they were expecting either Larry Page or Sundar Pichai, the founder and Chief Executive Officer respectively to attend the conference. Since they couldn’t make it for the meeting, the committee kept the chair vacant.

Jack Dorsey found the questions of the politicians difficult and stumbled to answer those as he is shy and introvert. As a result, his experience is not as pleasant as the others.

Sheryl Sandberg is a proficient speaker and has a strong experience in Washington as well. She survived the flood of questions without enduring any difficulty. In fact, she has reflected the tone of Mark Zuckerberg and stated that Facebook has committed certain mistakes in the past and will not walk in the path again. She further mentioned that numerous employees have been recruited to avoid the mismanagement caused due to the Russian interference.

Jack Dorsey maintained a low tone, which compelled him to surrender in front of the lawyers. He further stated that the algorithms of the social media giant were not impartial and has resulted in depleting the visibility of the 600,000 users for an unknown reason.

However, the senators didn’t step back to express the gratitude to FB & Twitter for attending the meet and strongly criticized the absence of Google.

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