Nurse Kills 7-Year-Old Son, Then Herself


Renowned nurse, Sinead Higgins of West London, murdered her 7 year old son Oisin, in which afterwards it was followed by her committing suicide, as she underwent an extreme case of depression right before the Christmas holidays.

Authorities have no evidence in believing that any other person had taken part in this incident, and relatives of the nurse had set off the alarm after the incident, which led to the police breaking down the door and barging in soon after.

Severe Depression

The depression had apparently resulted due to Miss Higgins splitting up with her boyfriend Shane O’Driscoll.

Just a few days prior to this tragedy, Miss Higgins tweeted a rather mysterious message in which she stated that the future seems to be like that of a tornado. It is believed that Miss Higgins and Oisin may have very well already been dead at their £500,000 rented home since the weekend, and neighbor Barbara Lunnon mentioned that she thinks the nurse’s depression escalated as a result of both the splitting with her boyfriend and from life’s own terms as well becoming overwhelming.

Barbara went on to add that over the course of the past while, she noticed Miss Higgins gradually stopped taking care of herself and her appearance, and would look increasingly more messy without much effort being exerted towards the matter.

The landlord for Miss Higgin’s home allegedly had increased the rent price, which contributed to her stress and depressing state, along with an unpaid debt that amounted to £2,926 as well.

Barbara said that she attempted in offering Miss Higgins support from other people, but doesn’t believe the help was ever heeded at the end.

As of now the Metropolitan People have referred to both deaths as “unexplainable” and do not believe that any other individuals had a role for this case.


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