Obama Demands Review of US election Hacking


President Barack Obama has demanded from the Intelligence Community to assess the full range of the matter regarding Russia’s involvement in hacking the US Presidential elections, which apparently have been going as far back as 2008.

US Government Involvement

The evaluation of this matter will also be brought to the stakeholder’s attention, and hopefully lessons will be learned.

Cyber threats and attacks have become a rapidly increasing threat to Congress and the US, as Eric Schultz, spokesman for the White House has mentioned. Democratic representatives have urged President Obama to declassify any results that may be exposed regarding Russia’s direct involvement for this situation.

Sources will be taken care in a careful manner so as to prevent these cyber-attacks from repeating themselves, and the consequences as to publicly revealing who was involved has been taken into account

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova said, “We are also very interested in understanding what they accused Russia of,” as Russia has requested evidence to be put to the table regarding the US’s accusation towards them. The full range of Russian involvement in manipulating the results of the elections are unknown till now, it is said that these hybrid attacks have caused far more damage to the Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

Republican senator, Lindsey Graham said to CNN that “I’m going after Russia in every way you can go after Russia,” and added that Vladimir Putin will be the one to bear the consequences for the matter.

For 8 years the Intelligence Community has warned against cyber threats from Russia, and snooping around by them.

Donald Trump has rejected any possibility that Russia is involved with this matter, which has aroused questions of a revision before President Obama steps out of office next month, else these attacks will continue to take hold in the future.



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