One Billion Yahoo Users Data Stolen


The most colossal hacking in history was discovered three years after cyber-thieves allegedly stole all date of over one billion users from Yahoo.

What was stolen?

Amongst the user information that has been hacked were about 150,000 government and military personnel from the US. Yahoo pointed its finger about this matter towards what they believe to hackers that are funded by governments.

However, the user’s bank account information remains secure and untouched, but Yahoo has declined in actually naming the country that they found were responsible for this incident.

Yahoo users have frantically criticized the company and expressed their extreme frustration regarding the matter taking several years to be exposed and just recently notified.

In September Yahoo had found that over 500 million users data had been tapped into and stolen, which in itself served as the largest cyber hacking ever done, only to be aware later that over double that amount of users had been hacked as well.

Yahoo has said that the September hacking was a separate event, and that the most recent hacking was not a continuation of the last one.

Till now Yahoo Company has no clear theories to suggest just as how all this data was successfully robbed. This crisis has caused doubts to surface regarding whether or not Verizon will still proceed with the set budget they had arranged to buy Yahoo or not, a budget fixated at $4.8 billion.

Several businesses such as BT and Sky, who have obtained email services by contract to Yahoo have insisted to the company’s users to change their passwords immediately as a precaution from future cyber-attacks.

Bloomberg has claimed in reference to the military and government personnel that are in Yahoo, that all of their relevant data regarding details such as their back-up accounts, passwords, birth dates, phone numbers and their full names have allegedly been robbed by the cyber-thieves.


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