Oracle joins hands with Intel keeping guns blazing at IBM and SAP


It was as evident as expected during the ‘Oracle OpenWorld’ 2015 event. The conference showcased numerous announcements related to enhanced features of the products along with the integration done at various levels. The conference however didn’t miss a chance to bash the competitors either.
Oracle commenced the conferencing by introducing the brand new innovation “Exa Your Power Program”. The system is designed to allow users to conduct effective migration to Oracle engineered systems from IBM power system using Intel technology. The product is a joint venture of Intel and Oracle which is aimed to providing user with the optimum experience of migration concept for sample databases. It also includes the step by step guide of complete process of migration activities coupled with a detailed roadmap for the organizations who are determined with the ultimate goal of revolutionizing their database experience.
The epic software organization also briefed the ever increasing number of users currently using Oracle’s cloud technologies. The conference also served as a launching pad of latest cloud program alongside Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). The latest designation is about to launch soon while the Cloud Registered level – latest entry point in OPN will have no cost involved for those organizations and firms willing to adopt the cloud technology of Oracle.
Top management of the Oracle was wary of the fact that cloud business is still in the embryonic stages while dismissing IBM and SAP as potential threat and competitors.
The management believed that the cloud technology has brought a rapid change in the technological environments and each new company poses different set of threats and competition. While the company recognizes as their potential rivals, they don’t feel the likes of SAP have any market existence to pose reasonable threat to the software giant.
SAP which is generally known to be the biggest application organization lags way behind in cloud technology. According to their management, this is the precise reason why Oracle discards them as their potential rivals.
Oracle also didn’t see any effect of IBM in cloud computing but applauded the efforts of Microsoft in cloud technology, acknowledging thatthey have been able to compete with them in all three layers of the structure and has significant infrastructure to compete well.
The three layer structure included software along with the application front, the complete infrastructure as well as the platform. They also briefed the twist and turn related to the roadmap which allowed them to reach the current state in the cloud computing front. They entered SaaS business and realized that the platform business is what they needed to focus in order to succeedin SaaS. They went for platform business where they understood the importance of infrastructure thus allowing them to cover all the bases.
It is however very interesting to recall the efforts put in by Oracle to capture the cloud computing market and their selection of personnel to achieve those objectives. Company aggressively made an effort to engage the top management of SAP and Google. Gun blazing comments from Oracle however can disturb the likes of SAP and IBM who are standing just as tall, if not taller, in terms of cloud technology as Oracle is.


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