ParallelDots Declares $2 Million Funding


An artificial intelligence firm designing high impact solutions and novel algorithms for real world issues, ParallelDots, Inc., declared that it has lifted more funding of $1.4 Million, transferring its entire funding to $2 Million.

“We have lifted $1.4 Million from Multipoint Capital in extra funding to allow us to chase our opportunities and vision,” claimed CEO of ParallelDots, Inc., Angam Parashar, to the media in an interview at an event here. “This follows earlier investment of Multipoint worth $600K in early last year and transmits our entire capitalization to $2 Million. The capital will be utilized to support our extending worldwide footprint, include to our technology group, and general operational expenditures.”

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“We are contended to expand our spending in ParallelDots, Inc.” claimed Managing Director of Multipoint Capital, LLC, Gayatri Sondhi, to the media in an interview at an event last week. “The firm fits our interest in making careful early stage venture spending in noteworthy up-and-coming technologies. We have been overwhelmed by ParallelDots team, technology, results orientation, and operational capability in the past 18 Months. We look forward to carry on working with the firm.”

ParallelDots, Inc. is an AI firm developing high impact products and novel algorithms for real world issues. ParallelDots’ growing group of 35 comprises 20 engineers and data scientists. ParallelDots was developed at TLabs, the top technology venture accelerator of India.

“We are eager about our sturdy set of novel products, proprietary AI technologies, and developing revenues” claimed CEO of ParallelDots, Inc., Angam Parashar, to the media in an interview. “We are serious about designing promising AI goods. That is why we commence with research and create our own datasets and algorithms. We have AI-enabled operating platforms and healthy proprietary datasets. We are vertical agnostic and AI believer. AI is widespread, it will affect everything. We look for huge impact real-world issue. We boost a virtuous cycle of well-selected algorithms, well-defined issues, and well-developed solutions.”

Multipoint Capital, LLC is a U.S. located investment company. Multipoint Capital spends private capital all over the world, mainly in secondary markets. Multipoint Capital makes careful early stage venture spending in up-and-coming technologies.


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