Pete Burn Dies at 57


Pete Burns rose to prominence during the eighties by giving a hit song “you spin me round”. The moment he appeared in Big Brother in 2006 his fan following inflated helping him to secure fifth position. He became more famous during his stay in Big Brother.

Unfortunately, Burns expired just days before the launch of his album Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI. Burns was originally from Wirral, Merseyside. His partner Michael Simpson, his Ex-wife Lyne Corlett and his manager Steve Joy expressed that they deeply saddened by his death as the loss is immense and irreplaceable.

They further said that his family and friends devastated by the news of his death. He was in a essence a true visionary, full of talent and special star for them. He will definitely be missed and loved and his memories will be cherished forever. It was further stated that they were at a loss of words and can only give a statement once they come to terms with the loss.

Burns androgynous appearance was recognized by many, he said that he has gone through large number of surgical procedures. He during his life time said that he has gone through 300 cosmetic surgeries to fix a failed plastic surgery on his face. This actually left him depressed.

He would jokingly say that he hopes that by the time he’s 80 and dead god will probably not recognize him. He always compared his looks with the monster of Frankenstein.

Burns was supposed to be on the ITV show loose women for the promotion of his new album but Alesha Dixon filled in instead.

As soon as the news came out it spread like a wild fire across the world and the social media. His fans and friends who have worked with him started to give tributes. Love for him and his work was evident in the reaction of his fans and friends alike. He breathed his last at 57, leaving behind devastated family, friends and fans.

Wayne Hussey a guitarist of Dead or Alive who was recently touring along with his band The mission, said that it’s unbelievable that the person who inspired him is no more. He further said that Pete was a naturally talented person who he has ever worked with. He said that Pete was a larger than life kind of man who was always witty and fun to hang out with. He was a teacher in himself.


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