Photos Proving Climate Change Released by NASA


Although U.S. President Donald Trump continues to deny climate change and regards it as nothing but a hoax and a “bunch of bunk,” NASA has released photos of the planet to prove the reality of this matter.

The images that were released have been called the “Images of Change” and during Obama’s presidency the agency had mainly concentrated on matters regarding global warming and Earth science.

However, as expected and feared, Trump’s administration will not be funding the research for NASA’s studies about this matter and have put little to no focus on it in general.

A U.S. President’s view on the space agency greatly affects their research and operations. This is due to the budget that is funded to them, or lack of it.

NASA Not a Priority

The scientific research that is conducted by NASA along with certain missions and operations they carry out are currently in a vague phase as Trump’s plan regarding space policies is still unclear.

However, it is quite evident regarding his firm stance on climate change no doubt. Scott Pruit is said to be appointed by Trump to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mr. Pruit has stated that the warming temperatures on Earth are not real, along by adding that humans should not be blamed for such a claim anyhow.

Getting to Work Fast

As soon as President Trump was sworn in last Friday, the White House website had removed any content regarding climate change.

In addition, a summit that was scheduled to take place in Atlanta regarding climate change had also been cancelled within the first two weeks of January.

NASA has released several photographic evidence about climate change, showing before and after changes on several different landscapes.

One such example was a photo of Glacier Bay National Park that is based in Alaska.

The first photo was taken on September 13th 2015 and the after photo on August 7th, 2016. A landslide had thrusted itself on to the Lamplugh Glacier from a cliff that stands at 4,000 ft. in height.


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