Police Cautiously Observe Social Media for Threats After Christmas Day


The authorities have been cautiously watching out for any suspicious or potential threats on social media due to several intimidating disturbances that occurred at malls throughout the United States just one day after Christmas.

In Cleveland, Ohio, a mall had been put on temporarily lockdown by the police due to a big group of youngsters who had created some undesirable commotion late afternoon on Monday.

There have been no reported serious injuries of any sort, and according to the Ohio law enforcement, they stated that these youngsters had organized such disturbances on social media outlets, and one youngster had been taken into custody for charges of disorderly conduct.

Post-Christmas Fights

Meanwhile in Aurora, a suburb situated in Chicago, Illinois the Fox Valley mall had seen several quarrels and aggressive clashes in separate occasions at around 7 pm onwards.

The police were forced to evacuate those within the vicinity, and recorded cell phone videos and pictures were captured and posted on social media which showed the frantic chaotic scenes of people attempting to flee the mall through the closest exits.

Illinois police stated that they had been notified and requested for assistance regarding aggressive and provocative groups of individuals in the common area, along with other altercations in separate areas of the mall.

Safe Measures

The spokesperson for the Aurora police department states that they had resorted to make the final closure of the chaotic scenes through evacuating those within the perimeters to protect and secure the rest of the people in the mall.

About 75 personnel from the police department had rushed in and arrested at least 7 of the youngsters who participated in the large disturbance that allegedly had been on looked by 1,000 shoppers inside the mall.

The authorities have announced that they are currently in the process of finding the causes for all these altercations, and added that they will be cautiously observing social media to determine whether or not these public interferences were planned or not.




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