Police Mistake Frozen Woman for Mannequin


In New York City police officers broke the window of a car that had been parked in an attempt to rescue of what they believed to be an old woman who was deemed to be in critical condition and required assistance.

Pedestrians that walked by had assumed that the elderly woman had died due to the current freezing weather conditions.

However, once the officers had reached the so called elderly woman, they were shocked to realize that it was a mannequin that had been placed in the front seat, with an oxygen mask that had been put over her mouth.

The owner of the car stated that this mannequin was used for a training procedure regarding CPR, and that he works as a sales manager for medical assistance related products.

Car Owner Angered by the Misunderstanding

According to L. Edward Moore, the chief of the Hudson Police Department, he stated that the owner of the car had been extremely frustrated about this incident and showed no signs of understanding the other potential yet realistic side to their story.

As of now no allegations have been brought upon anyone. However, Chief Moore made a statement to make matters much clearer in the future.

The Message

Chief Moore stated that from now on, any citizen who decides to park their car in this weather that has dropped down to minus zero, in the brink of night, along with placing a mannequin that has an extremely strong resemblance to that of an elderly woman with an oxygen mask placed on her mouth, should be told that the authorities will not hesitate to take matters in their hands.

Moore went on with his statement by saying that the police will break the windows of the car if they feel the risk is absolutely necessary.



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