Prince Estate Close to Securing Deals to Steam his Music


Representatives of the Prince estate are close to securing deals that will make the music of Prince available on streaming services.

Currently, very little of the recently deceased star’s back catalogue are available via services such as Apple Music and Spotify.  The information comes from a music insider that does not want to be named as negotiations are still ongoing.

By all accounts a deal to put songs such as “When doves cry”, and “Purple Rain” in the public domain is almost complete.  Representatives from the estate are also securing a deal with a record label, but no further details have been released.

The estate is trying to secure the deals before the Grammy Awards next month.  Prince who died aged 57 last year, is bound to be honoured at the event.  As such, securing the rights to the music is a priority for the estate.  Given the number of parties involved this is complex and could fall apart at any given time.

Universal Music Group recently won an auction to represent the rights to songs written by Prince.  In a deal with the Bremer Trust, the court-appointed administrator of Prince’s estate.  Although Warner Music  Group represents many of his significant hits, it does not represent the entire back catalogue.

If all parties are satisfied they will restore Prince’s music on streaming apps two years after Prince removed them.  Prior to removing his music from streaming services, he came into conflict with his record label over compensation.

Prince died unexpectedly last year.  His album record sales far exceeded the 100 million mark.  Throughout his career, he changed his name, appearance, and contracts to keep his work within his control.

Prince’s business dealings inspired other artists to renegotiate deals with their labels and demand more from them.  He is best known for being an idiosyncratic and prolific genius.


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