Refrigerated Meals to be Sold Through Kraft Heinz by Oprah


TV Show host Oprah Winfrey has announced that she plans to start selling refrigerated meals through the Kraft Heinz Company.

Oprah previously had helped give a better reputation and image to Weight Watchers International Inc. as she represented them.

A statement by Kraft that was released last Wednesday stated that they are planning to healthy and nutritious meals to being more available, and the initiative has been called ‘Mealtime Stories.’

Kraft will produce and sell refrigerated meals that are ready to eat without additional preparation.

The Right Face

Oprah had a significant influence when it comes to her face representing any business or advertising for a book.

When Oprah had been involved with the board for the Weight Watchers’ Co. back in 2015, the company’s near bankruptcy shares had skyrocketed as a result.

An analyst from Bloomberg Intelligence, Ken Shea, stated that Kraft Heinz is obviously taking advantage of the talk show’s reputation and success regarding marketing, and so resorting to her for the selling of their new products would serve to be a rather efficient strategy.

Shea added that Oprah is known to add a sense of believability to anything, and so using her reputation for the product serves as a logical technique.

An Instant Result

After news of Oprah joining forces with Kraft was revealed to the public, the company’s shares were said to have increased by about 0.7 percent as a result.

The Weight Watchers’ Co.’s shares were also said to have went up by 6.1 percent.

The Weight Watchers’ Co. do not have any affiliation with Kraft’s new product line, but both companies are said to go back a long way.

Some investors predict that Oprah’s expansion within the food business would probably profit Weight Watchers’ Co. as well.

Kraft has stated that 10 percent of the profits for the Mealtime initiative will be donated to charities of anti-hunger, but did not elaborate any further into the matter.


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