Rihanna’s live HIV Test, with Prince Harry?


Today is World AIDS Day! International pop queen; Rihanna teamed up with some real royalty, Prince Harry. The duo came togetherin her native country Barbados to create awareness about the debilitating Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Disease (AIDS). They were ensuring that better medical options were available for those who are already HIV positive.

On Thursday, the two humanitarian icons had their blood taken at a medical center in the capital city. Pop princess, Rihanna could be seen jokingly mocking Prince Harry, who assured her the experience would notbe painful.

“You said that it would hurt,” she giggled. “It is definitely not as scary as you made it out to be earlier.”


Both tests came back negative. Harry spoke about the importance of taking these tests, and about availing easy options for those who don’t have access to it. “Because of the effectiveness of these drugs, which is good, we are now facing complacency and about to be taken aback 2-3 decades,” he added.

Princess Diana’s second son dedicated last year to travel around the world, and spread the message about the seriousness of the AIDS virus. Prince Harry, Last year took a public HIV test at the Facebook facility. The humanitarian, philanthropist had set out to make people aware that it was okay to get tested for the HIV virus, which eventually develops into AIDS.

The Prince stated “It’s incredible how easy and fast it is.” “You could be a man, woman, gay, white, black or a ginger like me, why won’t you come and have a test?” “It is high time we create a situation where no single person feels ashamed to get a HIV test,” Harry told the South African press. “It is high time we don’t keep our kids and young people to stay away from others like them, just because they are infected,” the ginger-hair Prince added.


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