Royal Navy Disposes of Unexploded World War Two Bomb


A World War Two unexploded bomb discovered on Thursday in the river Thames has been removed and diffused by the Royal Navy.

The discovery of yesterday’s bomb brought parts of London to a standstill in the middle of rush hour.

Westminster and Waterloo bridges were forced to close for several hours.  Westminster underground station was closed and river traffic was halted.

Police were out in force to ensure the safety of the public.  Due to complexities, roads and stations remained shut until 3am Friday.  Despite the obvious dangers, crowds gathered at police tape taking pictures of what has been described as eerily apocalyptic scenes in London.

Londoners’ Reaction to the Bomb

One passerby, Michael Hutchinson said, “I was on the platform and we were told to evacuate immediately.  We all poured out on to the street. The authorities are there moving people on.

“I was waiting for my train and it came through at the point the announcement was made. I could see the conductor getting a call telling him to keep moving.  Everybody is a little angry, a little bit annoyed but these things happen.

“It is a bit shocking. When something like that happens is it a bit worrying. Police are saying it could be a while before the area reopens.”

The Port of London Authority said the bomb was about 2ft x 1ft.

A woman who was also affected by the bomb said, “We were just walking by parliament when the police started telling everyone they needed to evacuate the area.

“We heard people talking about a bomb and didn’t know what was happening.  Given where we were we thought it might be something terrorist related and we were a bit scared.”

The Police confirmed the bomb was taken away by the Royal Navy and disposed off, a spokesman saying, “The Royal Navy have now successfully removed the ordnance and will dispose of it”.


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