Samsung Plans to Stay In the Market, Blue Coral Galaxy S7 EDGE Is The Way


So finally, it has been confirmed that new invention by Samsung will soon touch US Stores Shelves.

Earlier this month, a leak video highlighted the Color which was limited to the discontinued Galaxy Note 7, Blue coral, which made it quite obvious to the users that the phone which was in question will soon be seen in the stores of the US.

Samsung Corp has announced its plan to launch Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge in Singapore exclusively on November 5th. This Declaration assured all the users around the globe that Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge is in manufacturing process.

Now, Samsung US has also revealed the major carriers of the phone in the country, like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Officially for US, Samsung Says, “Starting [Nov. 1], the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge will be available in selected markets around the globe. Specific availability details will be announced by each market’s wireless providers and regional Samsung offices.”

This new Device launch plan is all because of the Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco, the ones who are out dated and aware, Samsung had to hit the final nail on the Note 7 Coffins, when two fire catching incidents took place in different places.

After such a failure of Note 7 there was no other device available with the company which could make it stand in the market. Due to fire catching incidents, a lack of confidence in the users was quite obvious, apparently to get more customers to stick to the brand, Samsung is rolling out its most popular color the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge which was limited to phablets and this could possibly just to attract new users or to bring back the confidence in the already existing clients.

The core specs which are highlighted for Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge are, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it houses a Snapdragon 820, 4 GB worth of RAM, 32 GB of default storage with a microSD card support of up to 256 GB and a 3,600 MAh battery.

Now the wait has begun, the clock is ticking, as it has been announced that the phone availability in the US markets will starts from November 1st. The fact is that still no confirmation has been given that either it’s a final date or not.

Let’s see how things will turn out to be for Samsung with its new launch of Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge.


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