Scientists Turn To Twitter For Studying Certain Animal Behavior


Researchers are all set to take the help of Twitter to study the behavior pattern in case of certain animal species. This new study followed the Twitter user’s posts on the social networking site to find out if they were in accordance with some of the famous ecological formulas from the UK. The situations include the observation of flying ants during summers and the sightings of spiders during autumn season. The experts reported that the data generated from Twitter can prove to be a good duplicate and strong information gathering option. They explained that the timings of the posts could be matched with their research data very easily. Previously, this was attained only after conducting big surveys among the people.

The scientist can also determine from the pictures posted on Twitter about the sex ratio of these animals and compare it with their published reports.

A scientist belonging to Gloucestshire University said that public’s growing tendency to post anything and everything on these social networking sites can act a great boon for researchers like him. Adam Hart has termed this type of research based on Twitter posts as Twitter mining. He was found to be speaking elaborately on the subject in his speech at a program this week. This type of data research which is based on public’s experience sharing and posts is found to be helpful in an array of areas. They can be used to determine the people’s verdict at the time of elections. In other cases, it can be used to identify the extent of damage done at a time of a natural calamity.

Twitter users are usually the first to share their reactions with a message or a picture to react to any current situation or condition. Experts can then prick out the key words from these posts and recognize the patterns to conclude their research on any given topic.

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