Scottish National Party Tries to Block Brexit Bill


The Scottish National Party (SNP) is attempting to block the Brexit bill that would delay the triggering of Article 50.  At the time of writing the debate which came about following a Supreme Court decision is currently still in full swing.

One of the many SNP amendments is that the British government did not consult effectively with devolved administrations on its plans to leave the European Union.

White Paper

It has also criticised the government for failing to produce a white paper and for refusing to give a guarantee on the position of EU nationals living in Britain.  It also levelled criticism by highlighting that the government had given no assurances that a future parliamentary vote will be relevant.

SNP MP Stephen Gethins warned that leaving the EU would have a significant impact on Scotland who voted to remain in the EU.  He said Scotland was being withdrawn from the EU by a Conservative government who had its worse election results in Scotland since 1865.

He also pointed out that both Wales and Scotland had published detailed plans for Brexit.

He said, “Passing this bill and turning your back on our amendment would turn its back on the progress made and disrespect the devolution settlement.

“I’d urge members to vote for our amendment, otherwise this is a backward and damaging step and it is an act of constitutional and economic sabotage.”

Gethins found an ally in former Conservative MP Ken Clarke, who said that he would be backing the SNP amendment and voting with his conscience.  He also described Theresa May’s post – Bexit vision as a “wonderland” fantasy.

Labour is backing the vote to trigger Article 50 while the SNP and Liberal Democrats want to block it.  Some Labour MPs are saying they will defy the leadership and vote against triggering Brexit.

David Davis said the point of no return had passed and this vote was simply to empower government to implement a decision decided by the British people.


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