She slept with Simon Cowell: Katie Price’s former fiance’s claims over the reason they split


Glamour model Katie Price has denied she slept with Simon Cowell after her former fiance Leandro Penna claimed that she had an affair with the music tycoon.

Leandro said his ex partner was out all night after having what she said was a “business meeting” with the music industry mogul. He said he had become suspicious  after finding texts on her mobile phone.

The model, who is from Argentina, said he finally decided to end his relationship with Katie in 2012 after he confronted her when she came home drunk after meeting the X Factor creator.

He said when he confronted Katie, also known under her modelling name Jordan, she denied that she had slept with Simon, but he believed that the texts he found proved that she had. Leandro said it was obvious that the meeting was not about business, given how his fiance was dressed. Leandro said he felt he had no choice but to end the relationship because he believed Katie was lying to him.


However, a spokesperson for Simon said the rumours had been circulating for at least five years, but that Simon and Katie had never been anything other than friends. Simon has said that the claims are complete nonsense.

Katie and Leandro first got together after the glamour model’s marriage to her second husband, cage fighter Alex Reid, came to an end. They met each other at the Oscars in 2011 before a whirlwind relationship in which they got together, were engaged and split, all in less than two years.

Announcing their break up, Katie said that their relationship had simply run its course. She added that demands of work and family on different continents had meant that they were spending so much time apart, it was difficult for their relationship to develop. She said it was a mutual decision to split.




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