Suspects Charged with Elementary School Bomb Threat


Today, it was announced by authorities that state charges were filed against 34-year old Raphel Dilligard and 35-year old Zachary Edwards, from eastern Birmingham. They are accused of ownership of a trick damaging gadget, rendering false alert and delivering terrorist threats, according to Capt. Jeff Bridges of Trussville police. The warrants were issued today, following the week-long Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives probe, with Trussville police, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the Alabama State Fire Marshal’s Office, and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Edwards asserted to be an individual from the Black Panthers and the Black Mafia, however authorities have not yet affirmed his reported relationship with any of those groups. A partner specialist for the ATF, Dave Hyche said, “My guys believe this individual to be a very dangerous person.”

Police reported to Magnolia Elementary School on November 16th, after they got a 911 from a lady who reported seeing a Hispanic male place the unknown package on a pickup truck owned by a school cafeteria specialist. The package was a case with wires and clock appended.

Hyche said, “When we first saw what we had, we knew this was something to take serious and we put on the full-court press. It disturbed us from the start. I’ve never seen such a well-orchestrated and rapid response.”

Hyche said the youngsters and staff weren’t in any threat from the gadget, and regardless of the possibility that it had been real, it was on the most distant side of the school where there was no glass. The investigators were able to trace the 911 call to a mobile phone that was once been owned by Edwards, Bridges and Hyche said. The 911 call was really made by Edwards, who portrayed his voice to attempt to sound like a lady.


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