Teenagers stabbed on college campus in row over girl


Two students have suffered knife wounds on the campus of Britain’s biggest further education college in a row over a girlfriend, according to reports.

An argument is said to have broken out during a break between lessons, with two teenagers being stabbed. A 17-year-old was stabbed in the chest, while an 18-year-old suffered injuries to their back.

Police say they have arrested a 17-year-old on suspicion of attempted murder and is being held in police custody. Witnesses say the row broke out at Manchester College during a mid morning break. It is thought the argument centered around the girlfriend of one of the boys involved in the incident.


Following the stabbing, one victim was seen pressing his hand to his chest to stem blood flow, while resting on a friend’s knee. He cried out for someone to call 999.

The college was immediately evacuated as staff and police tried to determine exactly what was happening and whether it could be part of a more sustained attack. All lectures were cancelled while paramedics and officers were called to the scene.


The two injured teenagers were rushed to hospital where they are still receiving treatment, while officers found a knife at the college. The incident happened on the Shena Simon campus, which is one of a total of 18 operated by the college. Students had been having a coffee break after a lecture.

One witness, Ellie Ducker, 17, who is studying drama, described the scene in the aftermath of the stabbing. She said: “There were about four police cars and two ambulances and one other came later.

“Everyone was screaming and shouting. One guy was stabbed in the chest and blood was coming down – he said he needed an ambulance. People were ringing the emergency services. We were looking out of the window and when we saw it happen we ran downstairs. When we got downstairs, we were told to go back in and had to stay in class.”



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