The Main Pillars Regarding the Russian Hacking on the U.S.


As the matter regarding the Russian cyber hackings over the U.S. elections are increasingly getting heated up, despite Mr. Trump’s constant rejection over the matter, a committee will take place this week in which a confidential briefing will be discussed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Mr. Trump has accused the U.S. Intelligence agencies for postponing the briefing so that they can construct up an entire case against Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow.

However, Senator John McCain along with Senator Lindsey Graham, both critics of Mr. Trump have stated that they stand by whatever assessment the U.S. Intelligence agencies have and will bring forth, despite Mr. Trump’s persistent denial over any Russian involvement with the hacking.

All for One, One for All?

The Obama administration has been asked to further increase their punishments towards the Russian Federation, despite their recently imposed sanctions and the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats.

Private security firms have all pointed to strong and supporting evidence that clearly show the Russians direct involvement with the cyber-attacks, the Homeland Security Department have released data proving the technicality of this matter and all fingers have been pointed at Russia as well.

Stubborn Stance Still

Mr. Trump still rejects the entire matter as a whole nonetheless, and denies that Putin was assisting in his victory over Hillary Clinton.

Although no firm evidence has been found yet to prove that Putin’s intention was to assist in Trump’s victory, an analysis was done over leaks regarding the Russian president throughout the past 8 years over his motivations and intentions in his policies and agenda.

There has been a major critique however about this matter in which the media should not be stating anything as nothing so far can be deemed official news yet.

As of now, it is still under debate of just how much confidential information will be disclosed to the public, and how much will remain to stay behind closed doors.


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