The terrible moment a boy drowns in a public swimming pool while his mother TEXTS just yards away


Horrifying images have emerged of the moment a young boy drowned in a busy swimming pool while his mother was distracted by her mobile phone.

The four year old boy died in the pool in China on Tuesday, while his mother, named only as Ms Xiao, was texting on her phone just a few yards ago. The images have come from CCTV taken at the pool.

Ms Xiao can be seen putting her phone away before going to look for her son in the pool. The mother and son had gone for a swim in Xianyang, according to reports. While the boy is getting into difficulties, his mother is seen standing around 10 feet away from him, looking at her mobile.


There were also around eight other people swimming at the time, but none of them spotted that he was struggling. The tragic tot is in difficulties for around three minutes before drowning. Heartbreaking video footage and images show the poor little boy struggling before he can no longer keep himself afloat. During the whole time, his mother does not notice that he is drowning. As he is desperately splashing at one end of the pool, she walks to the other side to look for him.

According to a friend of the woman, she asked staff at the pool to help her find her son when she could not see him. But, after searching for more than an hour, his body was eventually found at the bottom of the pool, which is in the Spa World at the Ocean Spring Resort.

Ms Xiao told reporters that she had been just six feet away from her son when she checked her mobile. It is understood that the mother and her husband work nearby in Xi’an. Detectives are now said to be investigating the incident, but have not yet made an offical statement. The pool has been closed following the tragic drowning.


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