They WILL be buried together: Todd Fisher confirms joint funeral ceremony for Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds


Grieving Todd Fisher has confirmed that his mother Debbie Reynolds and his sister Carrie Fisher will be buried together. There was specuation over whether a joint funeral would be held for the two actresses, and Mr Fisher has now revealed this is exactly what has been decided.

Ms Fisher, 60, died on December 27, four days after suffering a massive heart attack onboard a transatlantic flight from London to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Ms Reynolds, 84, died just a day later, of a suspected stroke, after telling Mr Fisher that she wanted to “be with Carrie”.

However, no date or location has yet been given for the planned ceremony. It is believed that Ms Reynolds will be laid to rest in a favourite red dress suit, which she has worn on a number of occasions, and which was seen being carried by a member of the family funeral party during a visit to a memorial park.

Family plot

Mr Fisher was seen being shown around a memorial park where it is understood that the two will be buried. While Ms Fisher is believed not to have left any funeral arrangements, Ms Reynolds had already set out what she wanted, and had bought a family burial plot.

The actor told reporters earlier that his sister’s death had simply been too much for his mother. He also revealed that she had not wanted to attend Ms Fisher’s funeral ceremony, because she did not believe that her daughter should have gone before her.

However, the two will now be buried together. While they had a trouble relationship while Ms Fisher was younger and battling drug addiction, in recent years, they had become very close to each other again. Mr Fisher said that although the whole family was heartbroken, they also thought it was magical that the two were together after Ms Reynolds willed herself to go so she could be with her daughter.



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