Thief Opens Shop To Trade Stolen Handsets


The 32-year-old for the last 1 Year has been an ordinary view close to the Pipili toll plaza since he sat at the back of the counter of his mobile handset showroom. Last week, Swain was taken into custody by Chandrasekharpur cops. It turned out that all the handsets in his shop were at one time stolen by either his acquaintances or him. With over 42 stolen handsets having a value of more than Rs 700,000 on display, shop of Swain had been operating as a thriving center for the trade of stolen handsets.

An occupant of the Suabarei region in Puri district of Pipili, smooth business model of Swain fell apart when cops were led to his shop while inspecting into the case of a handset robbery. “We were examining into the latest robbery of the mobile handset in the Chandrasekharpur area of a student. The network of the stolen phone was traced to house of Swain. During questioning, he admitted to snatching the handset on October 15, 2017,” claimed Satyabrata Bhoi, deputy commissioner of police, to the media in an interview here last week.

While it is ordinary for stolen handsets to be sold again, Swain’s shop was most likely the only one which traded exclusively in stolen handsets. “We were surprised to view his showroom, which was loaded with stolen mobile handsets. At the time of the examination, he admitted to trading stolen handsets. We took custody of 42 costly handsets from him,” Bhoi claimed to the media.

Police claimed that Swain not only stole handsets but also got stolen handsets from other robbers in different districts of the state. “We are attempting to find out the names of his associates who have been robbing mobile handsets. If needed, we will take him for interrogation on remand,” Bhoi claimed to the media.

The discounts at store of Swain were large. “We took custody of 2 stolen iPhones from him. Whilst the market cost of each of these handsets arrives to almost Rs 45,000, he had kept their cost for Rs 35,000. In the last year, he had traded stolen handsets worth almost Rs 500,000,” one more police officer claimed.


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