This happens in America, not Britain, says father of drug dealer shot through his windscreen by police


The heartbroken father of the drugs kingpin shot in a pre-planned operation by police as he travelled down the M62 motorway says his son was unlawfully executed by police and he is prepared to pay for a private prosecution of the officer who killed him.

Yassar Yaqub’s devastated mother and father Sofia and Mohammed were seen with more than 100 mourners on the M62 sliproad where their son was killed, releasing balloons into the sky in his memory.

Yaqub, 28, was shot through the windscreen of his white Audi by specially trained police marksmen, after they stopped a convoy of luxury cars in a pre-planned sting. His father says the killing of his son is similar to that of Mark Duggan, who was shot by police six years ago, sparking rioting across the country.

Property tycoon

Mohammed is understood to be a successful property entrepreneur, who owns 100 houses in the Huddersfield area. He said he will be funding a private prosecution to bring the man who shot his son to justice. While he said he could understand it if his son had been involved in some sort of altercation, it was “just bang, finished”. He added: “That’s what’s killing me. Looking at the photographs, someone just running up and shooting at him in the dark.”

He questioned how his son’s death could possibly be justified, sying that he wanted answers for what had happened. He added: ” My lad didn’t deserve this — I thought this is something that happens in America but not here.” However, he urged those who are protesting to do so peacefully.

Meanwhile, the Black Lives Matter movement says it believes that the shooting was racially motivated. However, Met Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh said it was wrong that a police officer doing his job should be prosecuted like a criminal.




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