Thousands of Geese Die from Toxicity After Landing in Lake


In the state of Montana, in a deserted mining pit in Butte, a shocking estimate of about 10,000 geese have died as a result of fleeing from a snowstorm and landed in the contaminated lake.

Poison Lake

The lake contained high levels of sulfuric acid, along with other heavy metals that took its toll on the thousands of geese.

Mark Thompson, who serves as the environmental affairs manager for Montana claims that the workers around the mine vicinity attempted to frighten and alarm the geese before landing in the waters using shotguns, big spotlights, and other techniques to increase the chances in forcing the birds away.

Mr. Thompson after witnessing the toxic lake being invaded by the surging amounts of geese described the 700 acre space as nothing more but “white with birds.”

Dead geese have been located all around not only the lake, but around parking lots, on the road, and outside the premises of the town.

The mine had ceased to function back in 1982 and has undergone an immense amount of toxic chemicals taking over. Apparently back in 1995, a similar incident had occurred where around 342 geese had landed on the water and died as well.

An exact number of birds lost has not been confirmed, as some have survived and rescuers have been striving to save them to the best of their ability. T

Bird Hazing

he Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that the companies that are responsible in maintaining a procedure known as “bird hazing” will be penalized if proven that they did not meet their responsibilities.

The bird hazing program is specifically designed in preventing any birds from being exposed to the water for a specific and prolonged duration, and for good reason so as to prevent incidents such as this from repeating itself.




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