Top Agricultural Colleges in America


Agriculture remains key in all parts of life. It is the cultivation of fungi, plants, animals, and other life forms used for food, drugs, biofuel, fiber, and other products. These products enhance and sustain human life. For this reason, agriculture will remain an important study in education. Some of the programs involving agriculture is animal and poultry science, Agri-business, general agriculture, plant sciences, equine business management, and pre-veterinary science.

When it comes to choosing a program of study, choosing the college to obtain your degree is just as important. Not only is it beneficial in achieving the best teaching, but it also looks good on your resume. This is the reason, we decided to provide the best of the best. The top agricultural colleges in the US.

Purdue University – This great University offers 7,500 different courses and have awarded a total of 24,927 associate degrees, 302,602 baccalaureate degrees, 73,508 master degrees, and 25,219 doctorate degrees. In fall of 2012, Purdue had the second largest enrollment of international students for public US Universities (6,761).

Texas A&M University – Ranked as the 6th largest US University, Texas A&M has generated over $700 million for research expenditures. They also carry an endowment that is valued at $5 billion. Along with being ranked #4 in US Agricultural Colleges, they are ranked #2, overall in the nation by the Wall Street Journal.

University of Wisconsin – Madison – Founded in 1848, this beautiful and massive university covers 936 acres of land for the main campus. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, the budget for the University of Wisconsin is $2,830,200,000. They have a total of 13 schools and colleges with a faculty staff of almost 22,000. Also, they are fast approaching a half million living alumni.

Cornell University – Always mentioned as one of the top colleges and universities in the nation, Cornell currently comes second in agriculture. It once held the title of “the first American university”. This title was granted by an educational historian by the name of Frederick Rudolph. It is the United States’ first college devoted to hotel administration, industrial, veterinary medicine, and labor relations.University of California, Davis – embracing the title of America’s #1 college, the University of California – Davis is a leading global university with students, staff, and faculty dispersed throughout the world. It remains 1st in the number of faculty papers that are written in agriculture.


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