Trillion Ton Iceberg Finally On The Move


The giant iceberg from the White Continent looks all set to move. The iceberg which is named as A-68 weighs a trillion ton. It remained stagnant for about 13 months after getting detached from Antarctic’s large peninsula. The only movement that was observed was a slight shuffle at the same place. Reports are coming ion that the iceberg’s southern part has turned toward almost 90 degrees which means that it has finally started its journey into the ocean. As it would be soon summer time in the southern hemisphere, this will help the iceberg to further drift slowly towards the north. Experts from UK’s Swansea University explained that A-68 was lying near its parent ice body for around a year or more. The iceberg was first found as a separate entity in July 2017. After a long wait, it has finally moved. Till now, it was seen that A-68 was deeply imbedded in the ice from the east direction and covered with facile water from the north.

From the start of September, a strong dry and warm with downwards slope is found to be blowing which caused the A-68’s south end to turn into the Weddell Gyre. The iceberg can now start to move freely with the help of warm sea currents. The year-long shuffling at one spot of this iceberg is very commonly noticed in the case of huge tabular glaciers. The iceberg will be leaving huge holes at the sea bed wherever it will be in touch with the sea floors. The holes can be found out by the sonar surveys which are due to be conducted at the end of the year by global teams.

A research institute from Germany will be at the helm of these surveys. The iceberg did lose some of the rough corners in the year gone by but the scale is still the same at a lengthy of 150km and width of 55km.


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